Cultural Amenities


The development of  additional unique, high-quality hard amenities that capitalize on our natural surroundings will help attract and retain new businesses and a more stable year-round work force for the community by making Mammoth Lakes a better place to live, work, and play. Such facilities will also encourage visitors come more often, stay longer, and have the potential to shrink our shoulder seasons. Imagine new and updated structures sharing a common identity, with signature architectural design, built with sustainability in mind and local resources (solar, geothermal) incorporated…planning for a future not just five or ten years away but 50 and 100.

Many desirable amenities are listed in adopted Town plans, yet remain unplanned and unfunded. We believe that strategically investing Measures R and U in capital facilities, using those funds to leverage grants and additional funding opportunities, and an aggressive pursuit of public-partnerships to help build, operate, and maintain new and existing facilities is critical to the long-term success of the Town. We recognize that some items are achievable in the short-term (0-2 years), some in the mid-term (3-5 years), and that others are long-term (5+ years) but need to be planned and developed sooner.

Conference/Multi-Purpose Space

While not specifically noted in adopted plans, Mammoth is severely lacking in quality conference type space sufficient to hold large groups of over 150 participants. Without such space, whether public or private, we will continue to be unable to compete in the generally lucrative private event market. Well-equipped conference space is also essential to attracting corporate ventures to Mammoth to help diversify and strengthen our economy.

Performing Arts Center

A world class performing arts center of a quality and scale necessary to accommodate truly world-class cultural events is, no doubt, a big project. But the depth of rewards it stands to provide us both economically and culturally make it a project we must undertake…and it’s not one we can afford to undershoot. Concerts, festivals, and other types of performing arts events are big anchor draws for unique visitation, and the financial metrics for the events themselves can be quite attractive. While we have made some strides in event entertainment in recent years, we still lag behind many similar destinations as an entertainment destination, largely because of our outright inability to provide adequate indoor facilities in the Winter, and our somewhat surprising challenges in doing so outdoors in the Summer.

We understand that talks may be in the works for a facility to be built on the Cerro Coso College Mammoth site, and believe that the public should be thoroughly engaged for input on this so crucial an issue for us all.

Outdoor Events Site/Amphitheater

Should we be exhausting all efforts with the Forest Service to open Shady Rest Park for concerts and events? Other resort communities like Aspen have events in their park which is part of the same Forest Service. Should we do a land swap if we can’t get it open? We would need to get around one or two people, lobby our Congressmen, and do whatever we need to get that park open. We want to have concerts and events in our park, not launch a nuclear weapon. Should we try? The 43 acre RV Park is another potenial site as its lease can be acquired relatively cheaply. Telluride is a great case study for what a large park with a camping element and other amenities can do for a town.

Check out Telluride’s Town Park

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