Economic Diversification

Encourage companies to relocate to Mammoth

This is one of the most direct paths to a year-round sustainable economy independent of the peaks and valleys of the tourism trade and the ski industry.

Park City has Skull Candy, Rossignol,, and Neff; Sun Valley Scott and Smith; Jackson Hole Cloudveil, Marmot, Teton Gravity Research, Croakies, Brain Farm, and High Society; Steamboat Big Agnes and Smartwool…

The Tahoe Mill Collective is a collaborative, creative co-working space and events facility at the base of Alpine Meadows Ski Area

A competitive enticement package needs to be developed with collaboration from the Town of Mammoth Lakes, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, the Mammoth Lakes Community Foundation, the Chamber of Commerce, and other entities. Outdoor and internet-based companies, light industry, artists and entrepreneurs should be aggressively sought out and encouraged to bring their projects, their employees, and their businesses to Mammoth Lakes.

In a world increasingly moving toward an independent contractor model of employment, existing vacant office space needs to be rethought and converted to modern readaptive uses such as co-working environments for photographers, writers, editors, consultants, advertising execs, sales reps, designers, and other independent professionals.

Encourage and support local sustainable business

Made in Mammoth Program/Incubator Concept — Mammoth needs to embrace and support in-town start-up businesses. Traditionally we have stood in their way. Money made in Mammoth and then reinvested in Mammoth needs to be a top priority of our municipal government. Our conversations with companies such as Armada, Patagonia, Volcom, Monster, Burton, etc. have revealed that adequate funding for incubator concepts is available through the private sector. With focused collaboration from the Town of Mammoth Lakes, the Chamber of Commerce, Cerro Coso Community College, and other relevant entities we can set up a program to properly vet business plans, and to assist and fund start-ups.

Here are some examples of how it is being done elsewhere:


  • Start-Up Chile is a program created by the Chilean Government that seeks to attract early stage, high-potential entrepreneurs to bootstrap their startups in Chile, using it as a platform to go global. The end goal of the accelerator program is to convert Chile into the definitive innovation and entrepreneurial hub of Latin America.In 2010, the program, at that point just a pilot, brought 22 startups from 14 countries to Chile, providing them with US$40,000 of equity-free seed capital, and a temporary 1-year visa to develop their projects for six months, along with access to the most potent social and capital networks in the country. [NOTE: Chile is in many ways more isolated than Mammoth Lakes.]“Instead of changing the world through revolution, we can change the world through #innovation” — Former Chilean Minister of Economy, Juan Andrés Fontaine


  • The Telluride Venture Accelerator will host up to six companies selected from an open annual competition for a six-month, immersive, mentor-driven startup accelerator in Telluride concluding with an investor pitch day. With TVA, we have a unique opportunity to create a lasting and valuable Telluride institution that generates direct local economic activity, garners national attention and leverages our strength as a tourist destination. TVA will start small but, if successful, has the potential to create a self-sustaining economic ecosystem bringing innovation, jobs, ideas, and a renewed dynamism to the region.


Customer Experience/Service Levels

The Town of Truckee has found that a big piece of their economic success has been their ability to capture and retain return customers/visitors. By successfully implementing a training program for the hospitality industry as well as incentivizing business owners to train employees and to maintain high standards of service Truckee has fostered a customer-service environment that is experience-oriented rather than transaction-oriented.

The Ambassador Program implemented by Whistler, with cooperation from the Chamber of Commerce and the College, has had tremendous success. “The global exposure of the Signature Experiences program really helps boost Canada’s profile [and] make Canada stand out from the competition,” said SLCC executive director Casey Vanden Heuvel. “What we’re able to offer [is] that authentic, rare and valuable experience to visitors.”

A Merchant Pass Program like the one in Steamboat should be put in place with MMSA.

Diversify income and focus on shoulder seasons

Create cultural events in the shoulder season such as: food, lectures, music, film festival, outdoor oriented conferences, track and field, ultra-running, and trade shows (see Wanderlust Festival). We have made good inroads.  We should market the Fall shoulder season hard and call it The Secret Season (in the know), the Local Season, the Value Season, Just Being Here. Again, we need the amenities of an events center during this time. Before the town spends limited resources on something like Sam’s Woodsite we need to exhaust every avenue possible to establish the Shady Rest Park open as an events site (see recreation infrastructure) .


Susie Cordero – Sierra Business Council, Finance Director

Lynn Saunders – Truckee Chamber of Commerce, CEO

John McLaughlin – Truckee Community Devt.

Alex Terrazas – Truckee Assistant Town Manager

Deanna Campbell – Director, Cerro Coso Community College






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