Energy & Resources

Uh… geothermal anyone? Solar? And are we managing our water resources in the best way possible?

For a region that boasts over 300 days a year of sunshine, why do we not see much solar energy here? And for the amount of year-round wind we receive, why are we not harvesting wind energy? And with an average snowfall of over 35 feet as well as off season and summer rain storms, why do we not see more rain water collection systems? And why are we still so far away from harnessing our abundant geothermal energy? It’s not to say that these are all the golden ticket to a growing energy crisis, but we need to be actively working on finding viable solutions for our area. We should be selling energy, not buying it. There are people in the area, and out of the area, who have been working on some of these solutions, but just because we live in the mountains does not mean we should wait for someone somewhere else to come up with a solution that might work for us. We should be seeking grants, advocating for our interests with relevant agencies, and actively working on these solutions ourselves. We should be limiting our disposal amounts by repurposing, recycling and composting. We should be incentivizing those who are actively narrowing their impact on our collective resources. We need to be looking hard at what other areas are doing right—as well as what they’ve done wrong. And then ask ourselves: how can we adapt those strategies to fit our unique needs?

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