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What is MLR?

From the Mammoth Times (2/20/14): “The Mammoth Lakes Town Council this past week authorized the formation of “Mammoth Lakes Recreation,” a non-governmental organization that would oversee nearly all aspects of recreation in the town.”

Community Recreation Center

Imagine… An Olympic-size pool, a high-altitude training center, multi-use fields, and tennis courts. We envision a community recreation center that would serve the local community, as well as athletes training in our high-altitude environment and other visitors. Incline Village, a peer town, built a facility similar to the one we envision with Business Improvement District dollars.

Existing facilities, such as the ice rink, should be evaluated for upgrades/improvements that would allow them to be used for longer periods during the year. Many of the recreational venues in our town are usable only during either the summer or the winter months, which is not the best use of tax dollars.


Our parks should include well-maintained playgrounds, ball fields, skate parks, and snowplay zones, including free, safe sledding areas, that are available to residents and visitors alike.

The Mammoth Lakes Trail System

The Mammoth Lakes Trail System (MLTS), as articulated in the adopted “Trail System Master Plan,” identifies programs and infrastructure necessary to connect residents and visitors to the unique landscape that defines the Mammoth Lakes destination. It also identifies the municipal infrastructure necessary to deliver on the Town’s commitment to a “feet first” environment. The successful implementation of the Trail System Master Plan is a vital component of the community’s future success as a recreation destination.

The Trails System Master Plan contains specific recommendations supporting the goals of developing an integrated year-round trail network connecting private and public lands and enhancing year-round mobility consistent with the Town’s stated “Feet First” strategy. Some key programs and identified infrastructure improvements include:

  • Implementation of the Sherwins Area Recreation Plan (SHARP)
  • Maintenance of existing MLTS trail infrastructure
  • Year-round use of multi-use paths through snow clearing and grooming
  • New crosswalks and crosswalk improvements
  • Sidewalk construction and improvements
  • Soft surface trail signage
  • Mammoth Lakes Trail System Website
  • Mammoth Lakes Trail System Interpretive programs
  • Adopt-a-Trail Program
  • Trail Patrol Program
  • Sherwins Winter Egress – Public Outreach Program
  • Adoption of MLTS Standards as part of TOML Public Works Manual
  • Completing the Town loop path and connecting it to the Lakes Basin Path
  • Improved dog walking facilities




Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Measure U

Measure R



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