Urban Landscape

Some have said that we have the ugliest urban landscape of any major ski resort in North America. Why is it that Main Street continues to consist of a series of 1960’s style San Fernando Valley strip malls and stand alone buildings for the last half century? Why has a blighted structure like Las Sierras been empty and borded up for a decade? Why does vacant land exist on our MAIN STREET? Is it worth spending tens of millions of dollars to vacate the service road and narrow the street? What can we do right now?

Main Street hasn’t evolved  for the following reasons:

  1. Ownership is fragmented an inexperienced.
  2. Unrealistic expectations of owners including for sale signs that have been up for a decade.
  3.  Blighted buildings: Las Sierras, White Stag Inn, and Ullr lodge remain vacanat and boaraded up the past 10 years (functionally obsolete).
  4. Lack of streetscape – sidewalks, crosswalks, median, slurry coating.
  5. Achievable rent under the current thought structure doesn’t support building upgrades.
  6. A road that is designed to go 60 MPH on.
  7.  An archaic zoning code that lacks vision and doesn’t fit the needs of the community.
  8. An unfriendly atmosphere for developers including outrageous development fees, school fees, and water meter fees.


  • An intellectually honest conversation needs to be had with owners about realistic pricing, highest and best use, absorbtion of Village adacent land, construction cost, development expertise, precision of timing, and exit strategy.
  • Tenants should be sought out who fill a void in  the community. We don’t need more of the same, or tenants who don’t have a business plan, proforma, and at least some working capital (see Economic Diversification). Higher rent will be achieved from these tenants.
  • Tear down the blighted buildings listed above (see First 100 Days).
  • A  Bond Issue for streetscape, new trees, and blight removal.
  • The formation of a Business Improvement District to incentivize owners to fix up their storefronts and build new product.
  • Zoning code adaptation that incentivizes developers to build what is lacking which may be new reatil, new office, and functional apartments).
  • Let’s reconfigure the street NOW by working with what we have and creating features to slow down traffic such as a median, signage, and the streetscape mentioned above.

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