Who We Are

MammothForward started with four people, tired of all the negativity and hopelessness, meeting one evening late in September 2013 to begin formulating a realistic, positive agenda for the future of Mammoth Lakes.

Our initial ideas centered around three agenda items: 1) Government Restructuring (in particular the idea of paying town council members and directly electing a mayor so as to be able to expect professionalism and accountability from our leaders); 2) Economic Diversification (to finally begin moving our town’s economic livelihood away from the peaks and valleys of tourism and the ski business); and 3) Investment in Recreational and Cultural Amenities (moving toward putting shovels in the ground on projects that have already been identified as priorities by Council and committees). These three core concepts have not changed and are essential for this town to truly thrive.

Eventually we invited a few friends we thought might be interested in contributing their talent and hard work and good ideas. They were excited and engaged—and they’re still with us. We continue to meet every other week, sharing ideas, visions, questions and hard research, divvying up work to be completed between meetings. Everyone participates, and as a result the beginnings of not only a clear vision but also a road map for what this town could be have begun to emerge.

We’re excited to open up these meetings to the broader community. The best way to inspire not only candidates and civil servants but also each other is to bring generations and different stakeholder groups together to work toward a common solution.

We’re at a crossroads in this town’s history. There’s a rare opportunity before us—with three open seats on the council, with newly-minted NGOs to take on marketing and managing our unparalleled recreation opportunities, and with a new generation of creative business owners making a go of it—to create a town we can all be proud of and thrive in and eventually hand off to the next generations as a model for how people can make a good life in the mountains.

Learning from what we’ve done in the past, studying what’s worked and what hasn’t, looking at case studies that reveal the successes and pitfalls of peer communities are all essential to moving forward in a way that makes good sense for everyone. We don’t need to pay consultants to tell us who we are. We know who we are. We are a diverse and vibrant and creative people who love living and working and raising kids and playing in one of the greatest places on Earth: California’s High Sierra. We think it’s time to start building a town that lives up to our surroundings

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